Before opening Simetra Operator Fund, Jake Chernansky worked at McMaster-Carr Supply Company, a leading catalog distributor of industrial supplies. He was responsible for the company's Midwest marketing strategy as well as managing the performance of warehouse operations. He also led a project team that designed a new consolidated freight distribution center. 


Previously, Jake worked at Sanford Bernstein, an investment research firm. He started his career in equity research sales before joining a team that was tasked with building out a new global capital markets platform. 

Jake also started a residential window cleaning business, which he ran while in high school. This experience introduced him to entrepreneurship and fostered his desire to own and operate a larger company.


Jake has a B.S. in Economics from Penn State.



Jim Fox also worked at McMaster-Carr Supply Company before opening Simetra Operator Fund. He managed the performance of a customer service and logistics operation before becoming a product manager. He was responsible for developing the business strategy of the mechanical power transmission product category. 

Prior to McMaster-Carr, Jim worked at UBS Investment Bank, where he was responsible for overseeing his hedge fund clients' stock loan balances as well as trading a proprietary equity finance book. 

Jim has professional experience as an engineer as well. At Advanced Torque Products he was responsible for custom tooling designs and hiring new engineers. His experience at the growing ten-employee manufacturer galvanized his interest in owning and operating a small company. 

Jim has an MBA from Wharton and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell. 

Jake and Jim connected over shared personal values, an entrepreneurial spirit and an aspiration to lead. They opened a search fund because they want to own and operate a small company and buying an existing one aligns their professional goals and managerial experience. 

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